Bartok's Pit Entrance

This is fairly simple the purple circles represent 3 fighters that will be used to defend area. Healer positions are in red. Lifes will be by entrnce.

This one is more interesting the blue circles are the targets for rods.

The purple circle represents 3 fighters for clearing and holding non magic monsters the fighters must maintain space north of them for the hot healer to get to the exit north of them.

The brigh red in NE corner is the hot spot this is where the hot healer stands to attract lightning then run to exit west.

The pink spot just east of fighters is the healer on deck spot. The next hot healer stands at this location until the hot healer exits.

This Dark read in sw corner is the pool of healers for cycling through the hot spot.

The entrance to this are will be Draw, Speed, Brick, Draw, Speed, Death, Draw, Speed, Cover, Cad, Cad.

The goal will to have people enter BP quickly the goal will also be once you exit to only stay 5 sec and then get back into BP and gather in the sw pool. With other healers where you can heal.

All eight healers will cycle through deck then hot spot. We will maintain this rotation. Once the red rod is idle in pool the will take up position in the south most rod position. The 6 remaining healers will continue cycling. Once the blue rod is idle in pool then will take up the center rod position. The last for healers will remain cycling and we will determine if we have the rod power to then hold all the lighting if we can't we will fall back. If we can then we set up the last rod once the green rod is in and can setup.