Bartoks Pit

  1. Zones
  2. Clearing
    1. The three Squads will hold entrance until all Squad members are in if the three Rods are not able to sustain the magic a retreat will be called. Once things are stable the next three items happen basicly togeather and movemet to the Rock Circle should be in sync.
    2. Blue will move with Red and Green to the rock corridor Blue needs to let Red attract things in the Rock Circle before going through the rock corridor. When Blue does go through the corridor they should hug the outside edge so they don't attract anything from the Rock Circle. Once past the rock corridor Blue clears everything in North Hideout.
    3. Green will move to the north Rod point and hold north locks for Blue to pass easily.
    4. Red attracts everything in the Rock Circle to the front so that it won't attack Blue. Red will also hold south locks. Once Green is in position 6 and Blue has passed Green heading to position 5 Red cleanup crew allong with green cleanup will clear Rock Circle. When Red cleanup is clearing Rock Circle Cover must monitor the Rod closly and be availble for dumping.
    5. Blue will finish clearing north hideout then move south to clear South Hideout.
    6. Once Blue is clearing everything in the North Hideout Green will get in position for clearing Rock Circle. Green will hold this position until Blue passes south to start clearing South Hidout. Once Blue passes both Red and Green cleanup team will clear Rock Circle. While clearing cover must monitor Rod and be availble for dumping if Rod needs to.
    7. Once Rock Circle is clear and blue is in position 5 red will move to hold locks at Bartocks Pit so Blue can get in and clear bartocks pit.
    8. Once Blue has cleared South Hideout and red is in position 7 and holding any locks east. Blue will move to clear Bartoks Pit.
    9. If this is done quickly everything should be clear if not it will be voice calls by Platoon leader to direct squads for additional targets.

  3. Exit to ??
    1. Squads will hold designated areas while mystics search for paths

  4. Return from ??
    1. This could be interesting.