Bridge Crossing

  1. Clearing
    1. Blue enters rod moves into east wall to provide cover for everyone to get in. The rest holds entrance and keeps it clear of monsters and gives easy passage for Red and Green. If locks are north Blue crew needs to stay south of rod. Once the second team enters their rod will position north and that team will clear those locks.
    2. Red then enters and move to N west edge of river. Clearing anything in their way as they go. Red rod should position it self as far north as possible and try to attract all the monsters on the east side into the corner so the east narrow passages are open for exiles to pass.
    3. Green will then move to the designated point on the west side of the river. The rod is again going to try to attract all the non magic monsters so they pile up on the river such that both the bridge and the narrow sections are clear for exiles to pass.
    4. Once Green is in place Blue will move from entrance and cross bridge and setup in the lower open area rod will be along tree line and Team will start clearing everything piled up along the river. Again Blue does not need to worry about locks north they do need to worry about staying south of their rod. The next team will clear any locks in their path north.
    5. Green will then cross the bridge and move into position in the far N east, clearing everything in that area and the monsters that have piled up on river next to Red Rod. Green again should not worry about killing locks to the east the rod will hold them and the next team will clear them as they pass.
    6. Red once seeing Green clearing the monsters they were holding will move to cross bridge and go north and then clear all the way to entrance of BP.

  2. Exit to BP
  3. Details

  4. Return from BP
    1. Entrance will be Draw, Brick and Mystic first. On entrance the mystics will open doors Green will go through north door and Blue will go through south door. Green and Blue will move as quickly as possible through their doors while the TRed draw sets up on west wall and Red clean up clears the entrance. Red will try to keep entrances to doors open for Green and Blue to get into doors quickly.
    2. Green and Blue will then move quickle to clear both sides of the bridge and hold just east of bridge.