Hooked Safety

  1. Clearing
    1. Red enters first, rod moves into hook to provide cover for everyone to get in. The rest of Red holds entrance and keeps it clear of monsters and gives easy passage for Green and Blue.
    2. Green then enters and move to SE corner as green passes the Hold position the mystic will stand at hold to attract things away from the corner. The rod will move into position and the rest of the team will setup a wall just inside the main area to start clearing. The wall must make sure they are all south of the Rod. Other wise they will not be protected. Once every one is in place the mystic joins.
    3. Blue enters behind Green and clears north. Blue should not worry about things piled up on the hook Red well take care of that. Blue should head north to take out any locks and anything else that comes in their path.
    4. As soon as Blue passes Red clean up Red will fallow behind and start working on the pile of things on the hook. As soon as the Red clean up is working on hook Red rod comes out of the hook and provides cover for red from the center. Red progresses as quickly as possible to the center and the Rod moves towards final Rod position.
    5. Once Blue has cleared the NW corner they move east clearing anything that comes in their way as they go to clear BC entrance.

  2. Exit to BC
    1. Draw for Blue will enter BC and exit back to HS. Draw will repeat this until most of the entrance stuff is out and an approximate number of locks is determined.
    2. Once it is decided to enter Blue will wait 20sec at BC entrance. Then announce "Real Entrance". Draw will then enter BC and stand for 4sec right after 4sec Draw will return to HS and quickly go back into BC for position. Everyone needs to provide a clear path for the Draw to get as quickly as possible back into BC. Blue will then enter right behind Draw as he passes.
    3. As the Draw passes Red in HS Red will fallow behind draw so they can enter right behind Blue.
    4. As soon as the mystic yells Blue is in Green heads to BC entrance to be ready to fallow right behind Red.

  3. Return from BC
    1. Entrance will be in mass the Draw and Brick should lead the way for each team. On entrance the leader needs to yell the Squad name so people have a target to go toward on entrance.
    2. Red will hold center.
    3. Blue will hold north.
    4. Green will clear back to BC entrance and hold.