MOCHA Platoon

Squad Rules:

  1. Always keep your leader in sight.
  2. Always follow your leader.
  3. Stay with your leader.
  4. If you lose your leader yell for your squad name "A?". (Mystic will then yell out Squads location for you to go to them.)
  5. If you lose your leader and your dead yell out to your squad "<Squad Letter> I'm Dead". (Your squad leader will then try to come pick you up as quickly as possible)
  6. Leaders keep track of your squad.
Did I mention squads need to stay together?

Squad Positions:

Each squad member has a primary function to perform for the squad, it is critical that each squad member focus on their primary function and not try to do someone else's or something that is not their function. Squad members secondary jobs are for when either their primary job isn't needed or the secondary job can not be done by the person that it is primary for and so must fill in.

Brick:Primary-function is to stand and attract all non-magic monsters.
Secondary-function is to kill monsters around them.
Other-Will also serve as the leader of the squad.
Death:Primary-function is to kill non-magic monsters around brick.
Secondary-function is to attract monsters to brick.
Cover:Primary-function is to guide non-magic monsters to brick and make sure Life and Mystic are protected (If a non-brickable monster is around it is the covers job to run it away and keep it busy at a tree or something).
Secondary-function is to kill non-magic monsters around brick.
Draw:Primary-function is to attract all magic attacks.
Secondary-function is to heal any hurt squad members.
Speed:Primary-function is to heal Draw/create rod.
Secondary-function is to heal any hurt squad members.
Cad:Primary-function is to heal Draw when the Draw is moving about.
Secondary-function is to heal any hurt squad members.
Life:Primary-function is to heal fighters and mystic.
Secondary-function is to help Rod in unusual situations.
Mystic:Primary-function is to provide squad information: squad situation status, squad location, squad objective status. This information should be provided on a reaular basis however if you hear the Platton leader yell for "Team status", "Team loc", or "Team obj" you should respond with the corresponding info.


Squad situation status:This should be of the form "<squad> <strength> <magic> <non-magic>". Were <squad> is one of "A", "B", "C". <strength> is 4 = white, 3=green, 2=yellow, 1=ouch with a + or - depending on if you feel the situation is improving or getting worse. <magic> is the number of locks your draw is holding. <non-magic> is the number strong monsters your brick is holding (drake, rage, furry, frenzy).
Squad location:This should be of the form "<squad> <location>". Where <squad> is one of "A", "B", "C". <location> is a 1-3 word description of location "NE corner", "hook", "Center", "BC door", "HS entrance".
Squad objective status:This should be of the form "<Squad> <objective status>". Where <squad> is one of "A", "B", "C". <objective status> is a 1-3 word description of objective status "center cleared", "moving to center", "clearing center", "holding center".

Secondary-function is be mystical (open doors, boost ...).
Other-Mystics will also be given time after situation is stable to search for mystical things with squad protection.

Squad Guides:

Squad leader should record assaults and provide copies to Klur at end for making available from visions.

Squad needs to identify a primary and secondary chainer to drag dead if a retreat is called and people are down.

Squads should share internal to squad.

Returning back to a screen Leader should yell squad name "A" on entry for all squad members to get a target to head towards.

Healers should only heal Squad members, if you heal another squad member don't expect a share.

Target Squads: