The Awards Ceremony was scheduled to begin on Lundi, the 58th day of summer 551, at 2:27 AM in the ballroom. The ceremony was a little delayed because of the sweep for fallen exiles and then the movement of the green portal back to Falinea's Garden. Some of those who came put on costumes. Although it looks like Rakshasa is snoozing, he is very talented, and is actually playing music!Exiles gather in the ballroom for refreshments and the awarding of prizes.
Lorikeet announces that Michael was the winner of the second challenge Gurgi won the first portal challenge, and was therefore entitled to the 2000 coin prize. He was unable to attend the ceremony and directed us to give the coins to Farhope instead. Lorikeet gave the coins to Farhope, knowing that she wouldn't have trouble carrying them since there is a lot of muscle packed onto her little frame. Gurgi asked Farhope to distribute the coins to those who had been with him during the portal hunt, explaining it had been "a group effort." [Unfortunately the camera didn't go off at the right time, so there is no picture.] Lorikeet then announced the winner of the second portal challenge, Michael.
Malkor had announced a 1000 coin prize for the contestant who killed the most other contestants. Michael won that prize too, having killed four of the Light & Shadow team. No one else came close, since no one else killed anyone. Michael came to claim that prize, and Malkor gave it to him. Those in attendance were shocked at the sight of the spriggan actually forking over the coins.Malkor gives Michael the 1000 coin prize for killing the most exiles.
Malkor complains about the state of his finances after giving Michael the prize. Although he gave Michael the prize money as promised, that didn't keep the spriggan from complaining about the state of his finances. Mad Mark commented on the method Michael used to win the prize, and Michael commented on the fun he had winning it.

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